A human can not be able to live alone or without any contact with the other peoples, community. the individual makes the relation to the other according to his needs and opportunities provided to him by the group of peoples. these groups are of living together people is called society.
A society is a large group to which the only individual belong. it means all the individuals are directly or indirectly contact with the other individual.
The society is an integral part of the life of an individual which live on the earth there is no imagination world without the society. human is the social animal which lives only the society.
Mainly societies are based on work of an individual, nature, religion or language for Eg if any person migrates one place to another place he tried the find society for his religion, work or language.
Society set the standards for the individual to live and how to behave with the other person. Society is not just a group of human but it is also the lifestyle for some individual.
Society makes some rule for the every individual follow them wich live in the society.generally, these rules are the laws for person live in society, he can not break them.
In modern days the social media and mainstream bind the whole world in a small society the assessability of the social media easy for the individual. social media is the backbone of the modern societies.
Some time society helps the individual to solve his personal problems like health related problems or wealth related. and allow the share is emotions with other.
In the urban society, people have less care of the other and the urban societies are mainly based on the business benefits or individual benefits, but in the ruler, societies are much closer than urban the societies there is personal benefits are less heavier than urban societies.

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